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Huaye Adopted the Brand-New Strategic Planning Made by McKinsey



In 2016, the globally-renowned management consulting firm——McKinsey & Company appointed its professional team to assist Huaye with an all-round overall strategic planning made to provide strategies for the development of Huaye in the next 5 years or a longer period in the future with an international perspective. The planning aims to build Huaye into a leading plastics machinery company in China, and a first-rate company in the world.

Reform is a tough battle. Supported by McKinsey, Huaye made every employee believe this revolution, and the benefit it may bring about to Huaye. Then Huaye adopted a more data-involved and scientific management mode. In the future, McKinsey will make an operation system, management structure and new plant planning more applicable to Huaye.


McKinsey team has done in-depth research and analysis on all departments of Huaye, and provided a professional training course for employees in Huaye every week, then coming up with the optimization program based on the professional analysis on the reality of Huaye. McKinsey team, rich in experience, provides the employees in Huaye with pragmatic courses, actual cases and class discussion, making the way to improve work efficiency clear to them.


It has been believed that with the professional assistance of MaKinsey, the reform will surely bring fundamental changes to Huaye, benefiting from which the incomes of employees will increase, and the company strength will be enhanced. Finally, a win-win outcome will be achieved between the employees and the company, making our dreams in Huaye come true.

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