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Brief introduction:

HPT1 Screw

HPT1 screw is made from pow PM steel imported from Germany, maintaining the excellent property of powder alloy steel, with chromium plating and coating technology. It applies to optical products, auto lights and other products with glass fiber content below 30%.

Basic parameters:


Hardness: HRC 56-60°

Wear resistance:★★★★

Corrosion resistance:★★★

Temperature: ≤400

Thermal expansion coefficient: 11.0x10-6   11.4x10-610.8x10-6  11.0x10-6

Scope of application:

Applicable products:

High transparency products, LGPs, lens, auto lights, auto bumpers and other accessories

Applicable plastics:

Low-viscosity resins, heat-set resins, bakelite; (specially for) UP electric injection molding machines, PC, PMMA and engineering plastics with glass fiber content below 30%

Applicable time:

Under normal use, over 12 months (guarantee period)

Composition and process:


Integral quenching

Hardness of effective flight(HRC): 56-60°

Hardness of installation position of the handle (HRC): 28-32°

Tempering of installation position

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