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Brief introduction:


Basic parameters:

Screw hardness (HRC): 56-60

Wear resistance: super-excellent

Corrosion resistance: super-excellent

Temperature range (℃):≤600

Thermal expansion coefficient RT-250℃(/℃) RT-400℃(/℃):10.5x10-6  10.8x10-6

Scope of application:

Low-viscosity wearproof and anticorrosive resins

Special engineering resins, PA, LCP, PBT, with glass fiber content below 65% and guarantee period of 20 months, halogen-free plastics

(guarantee period over 6 months)

General-purpose resins and engineering resins with glass fiber content below 65%, including PE, PP, ABS, AS, PS, TPE, PC, PEI, PEEK, PPS and PAR, electronic materials, LGPs, etc. with guarantee period over 20 months

Composition and process:

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