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Brief introduction:

38CrMoAlA nitride, Bimetallic coating on the top of the flights with Ni-based alloy

Stellite PTA welding machine from Germany is adopted for hardfacing, with the alloy thickness over 1.5mm, hardness of HRC50~56, providing high surfacing bonding strength, dense textile, and effectively improving the resistance of the screws to abrasion, high temperature and corrosion. It helps extend the service life of the screw.

Basic parameters:

Hardness of bimetallic layer (HRC): 48-58

Wear resistance: good

Corrosion resistance: not very good

Scope of application:

Resin, plastics with glass fiber content below 15%, with guarantee period of 1 year

PC, PMMA, PP, PP fireproof, PS, AS, ABS, PVC, PET, PO, POM, AS, TPU, TPR, TPE, PC+ABS with glass fiber content below 15%

Composition and process:


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